About Me

Hey there… this website will be about all sorts of firearms… pistols, rifles, shotguns.  You’ll find interesting links to articles all over the web about them here. If I had to say there was a specialization, it would probably be toward AR-15 rifle. That’s only because that’s what I own and shoot more than my shotgun or pistol.

In my full time job, I’m a computer programmer for a large grocery chain, but not that Arkansas-based company. I’m also a Christian, and would like for you to also know where you would go when you pass off this earth.

If you’re involved in a business centered around firearms or shooting sports, please send us your press releases.  We’d love to publish them here.  Send them to admin@blackscreekrange.com.

I am an amateur target shooter who’s owned firearms for a little over 10 years, after a lifelong interest but no funds while I was younger due to raising a family.  I enjoy watching competition shooting (whatever the type), and I hope to one day open a gun shop, the good Lord willing.

Please come back and visit!