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 Feb. 10:Club Meeting; Feb. 13:  Smallbore 200yd Sil ; Feb. 14: Schetuzen; Feb. 20: Smallbore 200yd Sil & M1 Carbine



Upcoming Events 


February 10: Club Meeting at F & G at 7:00pm.

February 13: Small Bore Silhouette 200yd (9:00am)

February 14: Scheutzen Match (10:00am)

February 20: Small Bore Silhouette 100yd (9:00am)
M1 Carbine (Noon)

February 27 - 28: Cabin Fever  BPCRS

March 5: CLAS Pistol Cal. (9:00)

                    Note: Check here after 6:00pm Friday for any changes or cancellations.


Black Powder Sales
Warren Taylor is the Director of Black Powder Sales.
 Please note that only club members can purchase powder.

 Phone: 887-3431 or email:

Arnie Burr will continue to sell lead and tin.
Phone: 870-0551 email:

Frank Cornell is the Newsletter Editor
Contact him  at


Link: Blacks Creek Range


Reminder: Now accepting renewals for 2016. They are due no
later than the last day of January 2016.

To join or renew:

Print the renewal form by selecting Club Information
and then Member Application and Renewal Form.
Please send $50 and the membership renewal form to:

EE-DA-HOW Long Rifles Membership
P.O. Box 8591 Boise, ID 83707