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Jan. 24-25: BPCRS; Feb. 7: CLAS Rifle; Feb.: 8: Scheutzen; Feb. 14: 200yd Sil.






Upcoming Events 

January 24-25: BPCRS Match (9:00am)

February 7: CLAS Rifle Cal. (9:00am)

February 8: Scheutzen match (10:00am)

February 14: 22 Silhouette (200yd) 9:00am

February 21:  Silhouette (100yd) 9:00am
                          M1 Carbine Silhouette (noon)

February 22: Range Work Day

                    Note: Check here after 6:00pm Friday for any changes or cancellations.

Cabin Fever Forms are posted under Special Events


Black Powder Sales
Warren Taylor is now managing the Black Powder Sales.
 Please note that only club members can purchase powder.

 Phone: 887-3431 or email:
Arnie Burr will continue to sell lead and tin.
Phone: 870-0551 email:

Frank Cornell is now Newsletter Editor
Contact him  at


Link: Blacks Creek Range



It is time to renew your membership for 2015.
Print the renewal form by selecting Club Information
and then Member Application and Renewal Form.
Please send $50 and the membership renewal form to:

EE-DA-HOW Long Rifles Membership
P.O. Box 8591
Boise, ID 83707