Text Box: The EE-DA-HOW Long Rifles was organized in 1962 by a group of muzzle loaders who wanted to promote muzzle loader shooting and engage in competitive shooting with muzzle loading firearms. Since 1962 the EE-DA-HOW Long Rifles has diversified to other competitive events which are based on vintage firearms. However, EE-DA-HOW‘s primary emphasis is still muzzle loading events. In addition to the monthly muzzle loader matches EE-DA-HOW sponsor’s the Idaho State and Territorial matches annually as well as the “Buckskin Bill” Rendezvous. EE-DA-HOW also sponsor’s the annual Idaho Black Powder Cartridge Rifle State Championships and it is hoped that the 2005 Idaho “Cowboy Lever Action” Silhouette State championship will be hosted by EE-DA-HOW. 
 Most EE-DA-HOW events are held at Black’s Creek Public Shooting Range. Black’s Creek Range is Idaho public property belonging to Idaho Fish and Game. Black’s Creek Range is proudly managed by EE-DA-HOW per agreement with Idaho Fish and Game. No tax generated revenue goes to support Black’s Creek Range nor does Idaho Fish and Game subsidize range operations. Consequently, revenues required to operate Black’s Creek Range come from users and EE-DA-HOW. In return for operating the range, EE-DA-HOW is allowed to use the range for club activities. The primary fund raising event for EE-DA-HOW is the Fort Boise Gun Show which is conducted semi-annually. 
 As you can see EE-DA-HOW is a busy organization with a large responsibility. EE-DA-HOW depends on members like yourself to support your club through your participation in club events and work parties to include the Fort Boise Gun Show.  It is the participation and work of EE-DA-HOW members that make this a great organization!  If you have any questions about the organization please feel free to contact any of the club officers