How to Use Spotting Scope for Hunting like a Ninja?

In the hunting game, catching prey without making any hitch point could be a tricky task. It is harder if the hunting ranges are a bit challenging such as mountainsides or somewhere like that.

How to use a spotting scope for shooting

This is the reason you should pick a good spotting scope to get the right target. This is a unique telescope which might be used to spread the objects between distances than a frequent binocular.

When taking a typical magnification lens in most binocular, the images cannot have enough clarity.

Spotting scopes, on the other hand, can come with the sturdier lens to increase the magnification more (the seven times or the ten times). You may surprise that the scope can provide up to 250 times of magnification!

Spend time to know more about the spotting scope

Frankly speaking, there are two core kinds of spotting scopes – Angled spotting scopes and straight ones.

The angled spotting scope eyepiece mostly can be set at 45 degrees from the barrel. And the straight has a lot of eyepieces and barrels. Sometimes, they probably have the parallels.

For the straight spotting scope, it helps you look at targets more natural on the ground. You do not get more pressure to your neck because you will observe from a reasonable level position. Similarly, the tripod is often tall enough to do this.

If you want to observe your preys at uplifted positions, you will need to use the angled spotting scope. It provides a smart choice to take various heights.

When should you use the spotting scope?

Spotting scopes are necessary telescopes for mobility and special viewing in the daytime. They can boost the magnification more potent than binoculars and hunters can bring them on hands.

As a hunter, you could carry the spotting scopes in some special situations like birding, hunting, surveillance, digiscoping, observing landscapes, and checking something on the astronomy occasions.

How to begin your spotting scope?

It is said that set up a spotting scope is not easy, but any hunter can do that if they know how to do. There are a few steps that you should follow with user manuals as well.

  •       Step 1: Unbolt the tripod legs and enlarge them to your expected height. You should also lock them in a particular place with the tripod levers.
  •       Step 2: Make sure the tripod leg is safe on the firm ground. This is a little bit difficult to modify the correct height in its position.
  •       Step 3: Keep the tripod firm and stable. To do this, you need to add extra weight to take the tripod down. In case your tripod gets stuck on a hook object, you can use it to fasten your bag is a good idea.
  •       Step 4: Take off the scope from its case.
  •       Step 5: Make sure the spotting scope fit on the right mechanisms. The mounting procedure is taken out on the manual.
  •       Step 6: Move the scope on the plate and place it to the tripod. When you hear a click, you will know that a mechanism has a rapid slide.
  •       Step 7: To cut off it, you should find a button to unlock the plate.
  •       Step 8: For additional height, you need to expand a neck extension and lock once you have gotten the exact height.

Tips to use the spotting scope like a professional

Look for your spot

When you come to a specific speck from you plan, find the terrain. You should instantly try to find a flat without having stones. Do you know why? This is because you need to get a solid flat surface. And you can fold that flat surface to lay your tripod legs.

Whether you sit or knee on the ground, you can ensure the pad stabilizes. Then, you may prop your pack up behind you and take it as a backrest. Though this way is not useful at all when using your knee, your lower back will be saved.

Lean the scope

This is another method to move the scope to concentrate on a specific target which is far away. When leaning, make sure that you do not move the scope. There is often a handle for this situation. Move the locking handles should unlock to start a movement.

Concentrate on your target

Before using the spotting scope, you should check all covers which are taken out. And they require a removing.

You also need to begin at the lowest magnification and gently work yourself up. Do not forget to pay attention to three main things – modify the brightness, clarity the image and change a big field of view.

The sun can block the image and make sure that the spotting scope is well-adjustable. Use the sunshade is a good idea. Pick the binoculars when scanning the terrain is the other method. The panhandle for moving the range is also a good option.

Final words

Most of the people think that use a spotting scope is complicated. However, when you get everything on the right track, it will be too easy to set up.

A marvelous advantage of using the spotting scope is seeking true targets. This task is different from using a binocular which you can find prey in a hunting site initially.

You should try the spotting scope on your regular hunting game and practice it with the magnifications. These will enhance your skills to where they will be your instinct too!

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